So Jaime gave me an entire list of names for that last meme, so I decided to make a separate post for it.

a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own 'verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.

Bender Bending Rodriguez
a. He's Bender. Isn't that enough?
b. Um, I don't dislike him at all. He's an evil funny bastard.
c. Fry. Sweet sweet human/robot love.
d. The Buffybot. Yeah, he'd hit that.

Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy
a. He kicked a guy's ass without spilling his drink. I will always respect him for that.
b. He can get a bit bitchy with Spock and there are times when Spock really should have bitch-slapped him.
c. Kirk, but only because Bones is so in love with him.
d. Bones from Bones. No particular reason. Just the names.

Tammi Littlenut
a. She gives me stinky thoughts.
b. She's another character that I can't dislike.
c. Jimmy Tickles. (That's his name, right? I don't care enough to check)
d. Willow. Tell me that wouldn't be the most adorable couple ever. Well, pre season 6 anyway.

Elizabeth Lemon
a. Her sad life.
b. Dammit, I really have to stop being so easy to please. I can't think of anything.
c. Jack.
d. She could replace Kif and take care of Zapp Brannigan. That would be a nice change from Jenna and Tracy.

Dwight Schrute
a. His emotional anguish, I love it when Dwight is crushed about something.
b. Um, I can't think of a specific instance, but I don't like him when he's especially dickish.
c. Angela of course! (Or Andy)
d. The comic book guy from The Simpsons. They'd argue about pointless things and Battlestar Galactica.

George Harrison (I guess I could do a real person for this meme...)
a. His talent, his sense of humor and his love of Monty Python.
b. From what I've been reading over the last few months about The Beatles I'd have to say I didn't like his whole attitude towards the end of the group. Of course, I didn't really like any of their attitudes around that time and it's not like I was there so who am I to judge?
c. Paul. I think when I was first presented with the idea of Beatles slash that was the first pairing that popped into my head. I think it would have worked best in the early years.
d. Ummm I read an okay George/Spike fic once set in Hamburg. I think in more capable hands it could be awesomeness on a stick.

Panda Bear (what the hell is an aluminum falcon?)
a. lol. I liked Panda Bear (or Padme) in AotC when she wasn't making moon eyes at Anakin.
b. There's not enough space here for my grievances. She could have been an awesome character, but she died of a broken heart. A fucking broken heart. *GOB voice* Come on!
c. Obi-Wan. It's my little guilty pleasure.
d. Buffy. They could be bitchy and whiny together.

PC Bob Walker
a. "Cock."
b. I can't pinpoint a least favorite thing for such a minor character.
c. Shipping him leads to scary fanfic. I've seen it happen. At least I'm pretty sure it happened. I kind of stopped paying attention to Hot Fuzz fics once the really weird fics started popping up. But I digress.
d. Again, no shippy PC Bob Walker.

Brian Topp
a. What's not to love about Brian?
b. Umm, maybe he could have been even more awesome?
c. Twist.
d. Oh man. Who could I crossover ship with Brian? Hmmmm... let's go with Jane Lane.

Nedward Flanders
a. I haven't regularly watched The Simpsons since I was 10 so I feel like I don't have enough information to really answer these questions for Ned, but oh well! I remember liking him right after Maude died.
b. I dislike him for everything that Homer dislikes him for I guess.
c. Homer.
d. Fuck. I don't know. I hate this question so hard! Let's go with The Master just because I couldn't think of one. And it would be funny in that disturbing way.

Leopold Stotch
a. OMG I LOVE BUTTERS SO MUCH! He might be my favorite animated character of all time. Oh jeez. Love him. He's like, the most adorable and hilarious thing ever created. I think his best episode is 'Cartman Sucks.'
b. I love this character too much.
c. Cartman. lol.
d. Um, I dunno. Spongebob. They're both annoyingly adorable and hilarious.

Lieutenant James Ron Dangle (I am so using my 'gaycitement' icon for this post now)
a. "Lube washes off your back! Lube washes off your back!"
b. He's a bit of a dick. But everybody is in that show.
c. Jones.
d. Geoffrey Jellineck. Lol, it could so work.

DJ Jesus
a. I love how he's such a dick to Lucy. Man, he is just one of the best animated characters ever.
b. How could you dislike DJ Jesus?
c. The devil.
d. GOB. Don't ask me why, it just came to me and I'm not going to try to explain my brain's random decisions.

a. "Is that your rape wig, Ronnie?" "Yeah, that's one of them." FUNNIEST LINE EVER WRITTEN. I don't even know why it amuses me so much.
b. Um, the fact that he wasn't a major character. He needed more scenes.
c. Xander Crews.
d. Mr. Slave.

Harmony Kendall
a. Oh Harmony. Poor little mistreated comic relief. I liked her ditziness I guess?
b. She was pretty annoying.
c. I want to say Willow for some reason. What the hell? Did I read a Harmony/Willow fic once or something and it just stuck in my mind subconsciously? The scene from Harsh Light of Day is sticking out in my mind as especially fem-slashy.
d. Oh dude, I know I said GOB already, but that would be the funniest thing ever. GOB. Definitely GOB.

Oh thank DJ Jesus that's over.

I just walked out into the living room and Cardboard!Spike and Gay!Cardboard!Angel have thought bubbles on them. Spike is saying, "Stop being taller than me!" And Angel is saying, "It's not my fault! I'm not taller than you. You're shorter than I am." Living with geeks is awesome. xD


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