I'm watching The Daily Show, and it reminded me of one of my big pet peeves.

I hate it when people bitch about Pluto not being a planet anymore. When I first got interested in Astronomy (before I realized I'm bad at math and could never pursue it) I never understood why Pluto was a planet. It's not a fucking planet. It is tiny, it's orbit is all fucked up, and there are so many objects like it up in the sky that aren't planets! I remember when they officially changed its classification, I was in an Astronomy class, and everybody in class was mad about it. I just don't get it. Why are so many people attached to it? Don't you have better childhood things to be attached to other than a planet that you had to memorize in elementary school? Did people have stuffed replicas of Pluto (not the dog) that they cuddled with?

And don't I have better things to bitch about other than people's weird attachment to a proto-planet?

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I never got that either. I mean, try and move on, folks.

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Nooo! I love Pluto, it will always be a planet to me, so there.


Honestly, it really did bug me when they de-planeted it. Hard to say why. All those books and mnemonics that're out of date now...

And I know it had a funky orbit and it's tiny, but still.


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