Last night we watched 1408 and the new version of Thirteen Ghosts. 1408 freaked me out. It wasn't the greatest movie, but it was suitably creepy and then it transitioned from 'suitably creepy' to 'mindfuckapalooza'. I love John Cusack, and I think he did a great job in it. It's kind of stuck with me, which isn't that surprising because movies about watching someone go mad usually stick with me.

Thirteen Ghosts: I like that they actually tried to create a coherent plot for the movie, unlike the original. It was nice that they gave the uncle a motive for capturing ghosts. In the original it seemed like he was just eccentric and bored, which is a fine motive I suppose. Anyway, the plot that they wrote for the new version was quite retarded. A devil machine, which is the house, is going to unleash hell on earth if it can get 12 ghosts and a human sacrifice made out of pure love. I loved all the technobabble (but I'm not sure if you could call it technobabble) about the spirit realm and the ghosts' energy and stupid crap like that. It cracked me up. I love it when stuff like that is discussed so earnestly in movies.

I like how the characters didn't completely accept the idea that ghosts exist. The lack of skepticism in the original was really stupid, it was basically, "Oh, there are ghosts in the house? That's hi-LAR-ious! Oh, you mean there are actual ghosts? Okie dokie, that sounds fine to me. Look at that! A fiery pinwheel of death! Haha, that's some crazy shit. Night kids!"

Also, the ghosts in the new movie were suitably freaky and fucked up. The dude with his head in the cage was actually scary, so, well done there.

I hate that Matthew Lillard's character died. He was the only character that made that movie watchable. He had some actual funny lines and he was the only one I actually cared about.

Woah woah woah, I just noticed that the movie is actually titled, "Thir13en Ghosts". That's right, Thir-thirteen-en Ghosts. Nice.

I think considering it was a remake of a William Castle movie, it could have been much worse. It could have been House on Haunted Hill.

Thank god I've taken the time to write this up, instead of, ya know, doing homework.


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