Last week I predicted that Carla would be the next to go. I was clearly mistaken, since she won. Not only did she win, she won two tickets to the freaking Superbowl! I really do not like her, and I hate that she's still on the show. She's sucked until tonight's episode.

I'm typing this while waiting to see who's going home. I love Fabio to death, but if Stefan goes home, I will stop watching the show. No one on this show is as good as Stefan. I don't think the question is, "Will Stefan get to the final two?" I think it's, "Who is going up against Stefan in the finale." I really like Jeff too, but I'd rather he go than Fabio.

Fabio stays! Wee!

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couldn't agree more

You just described my exact thoughts about the episode. I really cannot stand Carla. Like, AT ALL. Also, everyone complains about Stefan's arrogance, but he's good and he knows he's good, and he doesn't want to do other people's stupid crap!

Anyway.... just wanted to chime in!


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