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( Aug. 14th, 2008 11:56 am)
I decided to drop the pop culture class that I was going to take because I found a class about the history of the Olympics, and I can actually get a gen ed requirement filled with that class. Also, I'm guessing that the pop culture class would make me hate pop culture, since college classes tend to make you hate your casual hobbies. Or obsessions as it were.

I've also been looking at study abroad programs, and I found a summer program that I really really want to do. It's in London and it's a class about the renaissance and literature and architecture and OMG LONDON. Also, it's $3,500 which I don't think is that bad. It would be $4,800 but there's a subsidy for UofU students, so woo!

Oh, and I have a question in regards to whether or not I'm crazy.

In the Torino Olympics didn't the athletes walk into the stadium during the opening ceremony to the sounds of random 80s pop music? Haley and Jaime think I'm crazy, but I swear it happened.
Okay guys, I'm going to link to a Best Week Ever blog post about a man that dislocated his elbow when he was weight lifting. When I saw the picture of his dislocated elbow, I literally screamed. Why am I linking the post? Because in the video, the announcers, especially the New Zealander, are hilarious (oh wait, they're both from New Zealand. Erm, the one that says "Oh no, that's terrible" Wait, are they from New Zealand? They could be Australian, but their accents remind me of FotC too much. Eh, I suck at pinpointing accents.). I advise you just listen to the audio and not watch it actually happening.


Also, this totally proves my belief that weight lifting is the most terrifying sport ever.
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( Aug. 12th, 2008 09:23 pm)
Eamon Sullivan is the prettiest swimmer ever. He's so hot he's making me sexist.
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( Aug. 9th, 2008 09:51 am)
I am all over the Olympics this year. Last night I watched a preliminary women's soccer game between the US and Japan and I was freaking entranced and I couldn't stop watching until it was over. I never watch soccer but I had to know who won. I also watched some badminton, shooting and the majority of the opening ceremonies. I like the opening ceremonies mostly because of Bob Costas' inane commentary. I love Bob Costas because he makes me laugh with the shit that he says.

Today I am planning on watching the games all day. God, I love the summer olympics! :D


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