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( Apr. 8th, 2009 12:35 am)
I went to my counseling appointment today and it went really well. I like my counselor a lot, she's really nice and funny. I'm sad she's graduating this semester and I'll have to switch to another counselor when I get back from London.

My professor in Gender and Mass Media talked about our final paper today. Sort of dreading it. I think I'm going to talk about Beatriz Colomina's essay about domestic space and relate it to sitcoms. I'm going to have to reread the piece a lot because it is really difficult, and I'm going to need to understand it really well. Sooooo scary. D:

Apparently, the paper is due on April 30, which is the day before my Political Ideologies final exam, which is the last thing I have to do and the first day of finals week. So, I won't have to worry about a bunch of shit during finals week and I can just focus on packing for London! Unfortunately, this just means I have to deal with doing a bunch of shit the week before finals week. If I manage my time well, this shouldn't be a problem. This weekend I'm going to read the Colomina article and I'm going to do research for my Political Ideologies paper. The weekend after that I'm going to write my Political Ideologies paper, and the weekend after that I'm going to do my Italian take home final and hopefully write a good amount of my Gender and Mass Media paper.

I hate school. And I feel so lazy for hating school when so many people work and have bigger courseloads.

And to make up for the boring school post, I'll use my awesome new MST3K icon. MITCHELL!


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