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( May. 9th, 2008 02:51 am)
So I thought about doing the 10 Music Drabbles meme that [ profile] snoopypez did, but then I got lazy, and only did three. And I cheated a lot on those three. Well, except for the third one, I didn't know what to do with it, so I was glad when the song ended. Soooo yeah. I'm not the best writer, and these drabbles are less than fabulous, but I just wanted to write because I never do and I feel like I should at least try occaisonally.

Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side by The Magnetic Fields - BTVS: Buffy/Spike (I don't even know when this drabble is set) )

Fool On The Hill by The Beatles - Doctor Who: Ten, post Series 3 )

Closer by Nine Inch Nails - Doctor Who: Ten/Master (The fact that this song popped up really amused and surprised me, I didn't know I had it. And this is really the worse of the drabbles and really has nothing to do with the song, imo) )
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( Apr. 3rd, 2008 08:24 pm)
You know what needs to happen? A Life On Mars/Quantum Leap crossover in which Sam leaps into Gene and in order to leap again he has to make Sam Tyler fall in love with him. Can you just imagine the comic possibilities? Like when Sam has to seduce Sam (there will definitely be some name confusion in the fic) and Al has to help him figure out how, so he just tells him to pretend he's a woman. This would inevitably lead to, as Haley said, "Night One: Candle lit dinner" And then after Sam leaps there will be a very confused Gene left with a very smitten Sam Tyler. XD Aw man, this is so awesome I might have to write it this summer.

EDIT: Haley just provided another idea for the fic. QuantumLeap!Sam would be really attentive and caring and nice to try to woo Sam, but it wouldn't work. So QL!Sam and Al would have to figure out another way for him to leap, so he leaps and then Sam only falls for Gene when Gene is himself. I think that is actually more realistic... but I don't know if realistic is a word I can use to describe a fic about a man who leaps into the mental construct of another man in a coma, so the man in a coma can realize that he likes the mental construct just the way he is. And now I have a headache.

EDIT2: OR! Sam would only fall in love with QL!Sam when QL!Sam loses his temper and starts shouting at him! Then QL!Sam could leap! And I should really just stop thinking about it!
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( Jan. 19th, 2008 02:36 am)
Sundance is starting up tomorrow, and I'm kind of trying to convince Haley to go up to Park City for some celeb spotting. I met Stephen Colbert, saw Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley and Sidney Portier on the first Saturday of Sundance in 05. So the first Saturday is prime celebrity spotting. Unfortunately, Haley is editting one of her books with Sigrid tomorrow. :( It sucks living 20 minutes away from one of the biggest film festivals and not being able to gawk at the celebrities there. Oh well. We did get tickets for the showing of Diary of the Dead. Should be pretty freaking awesome. :D

Haley and I wrote the first chapter of the DW/BtVS/AtS fic. 2,000 words so far. I wrote probably about 1,400 words. I have never even written an entire fic that long before. I think I'm getting the voices for The Doctor and The Master down too. I'm super excited about this fic. :)

LMAO, Doesn't David Tennant own a different suit? And out of all the suits in the world why would the only one that he owns be a bright purple velvet suit? It's hilariously awesome. The only thing funnier than that suit are the weird comments on that picture. Crazy fans are funny. Though they are right about one thing, David looks so lost/confused in all of the pictures that he's in in that album. That man is so adorable.

I should really go to bed now but I wanted to post about the best news I've heard all week! My dear [ profile] staci_lou_16 wants to major in Forestry and transfer to the U! Yay! My Staci is going to be in Salt Lake with me and Flora! She's probably not going to transfer for another year but I'm still quite happy about it. :D
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( Jan. 18th, 2008 03:48 pm)
Haley and I have started writing and plotting a DW/BtVS/AtS crossover fic set at the end of season 4 of Buffy and in an AU in which the Master didn't die at the end of Last of The Time Lords. (Edit: Dammit Lindy, 'Time Lords' is two words! Two!) Pairings will include Doctor/Master and Angel/Wesley. And apparently Haley is over her Riley hating so it's just going to be Buffy/Riley and no Spike/Buffy, which really, I'm cool with. But, The Master and Spike will be plotting together. So basically, it's going to a be a Doctor/Master fic (which I will be writing and I am so scared of getting into their fucked up minds) and it's going to be an AU ending of Season 4 of Buffy. I've already written the first bit when The Doctor and The Master land in Sunnydale. It is going to be awesome!

For research we're going to watch Doomed, The Yoko Factor, a few episodes of Angel and The Sound of Drums and/or Last of the Time Lords.

We're watching Doomed right now and HOLY SHIT SPIKE WAS SO PRETTY! With the slow blink and the head tilt and the funny hawaiin t-shirt. I love him so much!
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( Dec. 29th, 2007 06:06 pm)
Okay so [ profile] pepperlandgirl4 wrote some Beatle Slash! YAY! The reason why I got into Beatles Slash is because her and I talked about her writing a fic like, 2 months ago. So I am so incredibly pleased that she actually wrote it. It's Impossible Germany and it's set in Hamburg and it's about Paul and Stu's fight on stage, it's pretty much awesome. She wrote Paul sooo perfectly, he's not a big girl in this fic. He's angry, violent and a prick. Which I'm betting he was, especially at that age. I also think it's pretty awesome that she used a Wilco song for the title. Har har har.

I made the icon that I'm using right now for her and the fic. I'm no good with text so I know it doesn't look that great, but I think it's pretty good.

(btw, she said if she gets enough feedback she'll write a porny sequel sooooo yeah...)

In other non pimping news I saw Juno today and I think that movie was just fantabulous. I know that Michael Cera seems to play the same type of role, but I just don't care, he's good at what he does. That boy's adorableness makes my ovaries hurt. I need the soundtrack.

Okay, I feel a bit crappy right now, so I'm going to just cuddle into the couch and watch Torchwood.


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