We were watching The Replacements on TV, and Tara was sitting in front of the TV, staring at it occaisonally in an adorable way, so I decided to make macros.

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce, Tara T. Cat starring in her very first cat macro! )
Seriously, it is unfair. I hate how pretty that man is. He is super hot in Point Break, and at the same time, he is being out acted by his surfboard. And Swayze, and the fact that Swayze can out act anybody is impressive. I also hate how that movie took my mind to a dirty dirty place involving Keanu/Swayze sex. I didn't want to go to that place, but that movie took me there.

Watching the movie in the theater while listening to the Rifftrax went well, I didn't laugh too loudly that much. Except for the scene when Keanu couldn't shoot Swayze because he loves him so so much, and the scene when they went sky-diving. During the sky-diving scene, on the Rifftrax, Mike said, "Not since the Sharks and the Jets minced down an alley, have tough guys been so utterly, utterly gay." Haley and I laughed so hard at that bit. XD

Oh, and the scene when Keanu and Swayze aren't mentioning the whole chase scene the day before Mike said, "They're acting like two friends who are avoiding talking about the night before when they got drunk and accidentally had sex." and Disemb-audio said, "Well Mike, they are method actors, so it is possible." "Oh God." I did laugh quite loudly at that point. Luckily two people giggling at odd moments in the theater wasn't that out of place because I think we were the only two people there who weren't drunk/stoned.

I decided that I need to write an adrenaline fueled thrill ride screen play in which the two male main characters who are clearly in love with each other, actually have sex, or at the very least, make out. I think I've found my life's ambition.

We're watching Bill and Ted right now, and I love Keanu so so much in this movie. The only time he's genuine is when he smiles that incredibly adorable goofy smile. That goofy smile makes me so happy.

Would it be crazy if I named my first child 'Keanu'? Yeah? I thought so. I'm still probably going to do it.
gigglestheblood: (Matrix/Bill and Ted Be excellent)
( Apr. 12th, 2008 10:40 pm)
I'm watching Dirty Dancing right now, and I realized that that movie is the reason why I am such a whore for stories in which there's a hidden relationship that's revealed in a big shocking way. I love stories like that SO hard.

Also, Dirty Dancing is my biggest guilty pleasure of all time. I don't 'sort of like' this movie, I fucking adore this film. It's one of the few movies that I can't help but mock, but I think as I'm mocking it, "OMG I love this movie so hard!"

Speaking of kickass Swayze films, we're going to go see Point Break tonight at the Tower. We're also bringing our MP3 players and we're going to listen to the Rifftrax while we watch it. This means two things: we will probably laugh at innappropriate moments and we'll be able to sit through the movie without wanting to kill ourselves out of boredom. Woo! The whole movie isn't boring, it just drags on to the point where even the extreme gayness can't even save it.
gigglestheblood: (Matrix/Bill and Ted Be excellent)
( Apr. 9th, 2008 12:31 am)
You know what movie I really want to see? Street Kings. You know why? Because Hugh Laurie and Canoe Keanu Reeves are in it, and it looks like Keanu acted the hell out of that movie! In the trailer he was looking fierce!


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