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  • 23:03 My computer has stopped working. its cool though i've been planning on buying a new one anyway #
  • 15:14 I dont have a computer at the moment but i can still tweet this: stop being stupid, Amazon! #amazonfail #
  • 17:20 how stupid can Amazon be? stripping Walt Whitman bio's sales rank & lgbt nonfiction. Maurice is now inappropriate material. #amazonfail #
  • 17:44 Angels In America's sales rank has been stripped. #amazonfail #
  • 17:48 Ellen's biography too. So, if you are an LGBT author your sales rank will be stripped regardless of content? #amazonfail #
  • 17:50 search 'homosexuality' on Amazon and you will only find gay 'cure' books. fuck you Amazon. #amazonfail #
  • 17:53 Queer Theory books and media theory books with LGBT topics have been stripped. #amazonfail #
  • 19:19 Tag Amazon #1 Seller, Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto w/ gay porn, gay, glbt, queer, etc #amazonfail #
  • 19:19 glitch my ass #amazonfail #
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From: [identity profile]

Heather Has Two Mommies has been stripped of its sales ranking as well. Because no piece of LGBTQ fiction could be more "adult" (read: piece of erotica) as one with the following text:

Mama Kate is a doctor. Heather likes to listen to her heartbeat with a real stethoscope. When Mama Kate has a headache, Heather gives her two aspirins. When Heather has a cut on her knee, she asks Mama Kate to put two band-aids on it.

Mama Jane is a carpenter. Heather likes to look in her toolbox. She has nails and screws and a long yellow tape measure. Mama Jane has two hammers: a big one for herself and a little one for Heather. Mama Jane and Heather are building a table together.

On weekends Heather and her mommies spend lots of time together. On sunny days they go to the park. On rainy days they stay inside and bake cookies. Heather likes to eat two gingersnaps and drink a big glass of milk.

Horrors! I may swoon from the adult girl-on-girl action!


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