I just got back from the Andrew Bird concert, and holy shit it was amazing. Let's start with the venue and my spot. I've seen Wolfmother and Interpol at that venue, and the Wolfmother show was kind of 'meh', and I'm sure I would have liked it more if I was into the band more and if I could have actually seen the stage, but alas. The Interpol show was astounding because I just love that band so much, but I wasn't that close to the stage. This concert though, was perfect. I got there an hour early so I got my spot right in front of the stage so I had no tall people standing in front of me. I was really tired today so standing for about 4 hours was not pleasant, but at least I had a rail to lean against.

Opening band: OMG they were awesome. They were a Swedish band called the Loney Dears, they were so adorable and so freaking good. I have a tendency to be disappointed with opening bands, but I totally enjoyed everything about them. The lead singer was so cute and so was the keyboardist. I think Jasie said it best in regards to the keyboardist, "I want to put him in my pocket!!" The drummer looked kind of like a sad Dave Grohl, and he was quite hot. Especially since he kept on shooting this sexy grin to the lead singer and the bass player. Yum.

Andrew freaking Bird: That man. Oh, that man. He is so beautiful and amazing and just, GAH! I just loved that he played Plasticities, Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, and Armchairs. Oh, Armchairs. That was so magnificent and gorgeous and just perfect. At one point in the concert the people around me were clapping along, and they messed up Andrew and he stopped and said, "Sorry, but you guys are going to fast. Now I'm flustered." SO adorable. Later on the drummer was having troubles starting a song and Andrew said it was too slow, so a guy right next to me said, "Do you want us to speed it up for you?" lolz.

After the concert my mom met the lead singer of the Loney Dears and he signed a CD for her and she told him about how much we love him. XD

And now, I must study for a quiz I have in the morning. I would rather just collapse and die at the moment, but I'll be sort of responsible and study.

Damnit all, I don't have an Andrew Bird icon. I will have to fix this.

EDIT: It's actually Loney, Dear. Not Loney Dears. Woops. (Not that anyone will read this again, but I just wanted to make sure the correction was in there)


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