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( Jan. 15th, 2009 12:40 am)

  • 16:10 I just saw Paul on The View, and that man is still so adorable. #

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( Jan. 15th, 2009 11:25 pm)
Meme snagged from [ profile] vixen_notatramp.

  • Pick up to 15 OTPs.
  • Describe them 15 words or less.
  • Have your flist guess the OTP.
  • ???

I hope the descriptions aren't too obvious or confusing, but the meme was fun to do! I decided to just do 14 because this is actually kind of difficult!

1. They have centuries of issues, hot subtext, and murdering each other. (Doctor/Master guessed by[ profile] iambickilometer)

2. They're the most fucked up OTP ever and they started the OTP4EVAH! thing.  

3. They can only have sex every 7 years, and it's WILD! :P  (Kirk/Spock guessed by [ profile] gehayi)

4. They're geniuses who, imo, didn't get a lot of subtext after seasons 1 and 2.

5. Chocolate and a fox hole. (Roe/Babe guessed by [ profile] ladyames)

6. EYES TO THE BACK OF THE ROOM! (Noblet/Jellineck guessed by [ profile] nerdork and [ profile] snoopypez

7. Incredibly adorable and they were written with intentional homoerotic subtext. (Nicholas/Danny guessed by [ profile] ladyames)

8. One tried to kill the other with a rock, twu wuv.

9. He would have sex with him if he could say, "It's not gay, if..." (IMO, anyway) (Sam/Gene guessed by [ profile] gehayi)

10. They're nicknames are on a computer keyboard. (Shifty/Tab guessed by [ profile] othersideoftime)

11. They're soulmates. *snerk* (Angel/Spike guessed by [ profile] sockkpuppett)

12. Drunken socialite and his religious, but not quaker, best friend. (Winters/Nixon guessed by [ profile] ladyames)

13. Space cowboy and a moisture farm boy. (Han/Luke guessed by [ profile] ladyames)

14. Adorable and incredibly geeky het OTP.



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